Euroteam letter - July 2020

Dear companions in the Lord!

The current experience of COVID19 is showing us many things about ourselves and our world. In particular, I want to focus on how it is lighting up various aspects of our path to God and how, even in difficult times, there is a consolation to be found.
First of all, it is showing us that we are one humanity. Every human being, every people, each culture that contributes to human diversity is part of this one, varied, rich and interdependent humanity.
It is showing us how overcoming a crisis is possible. It is possible when we become aware of the importance of looking after the Common Good and taking seriously our own individual responsibility. We can only live as one body. Separately, for each person or each people on their own, it is impossible.
It is showing us that there is no difference in age, race, religion or social status within our one humanity. Each and every one of us is part of it, no one is left out, no one of us can do without the others.
It is showing us that we want to walk together. We are all concerned, we help each other to overcome fears and anxieties. Each one of us is looking for a way to lend a hand, starting by putting what we want in second place and accepting the measures and sacrifices that allow us to contribute to the good of all.
(Father General Arturo Sosa SJ, Easter message)

As lockdown measures are being lifted across Europe we can observe a slight decrease in the infections. At the same time, we can also see pockets of the virus resurfacing, which clearly shows that it has not gone away and we need to maintain our vigilance both for our health and that of others. As a community in Europe and worldwide we have been experiencing this time as liminal space – a transitional stage of a process leading us to a new ‘normal’. So at this point of our journey through the unknown, we would like to give you an overview of the activities of the Euroteam carried out at the time of lockdown, as well as some plans for the months to come.

Please read the pdf documents

1. Activities during the corona crisis
a) Online Eucharist on the CLC World Day (March 25th 2020)
b) International sharing groups
c) Zoom Meeting with the World Exco and the Regional Teams (April 4th 2020)
d) Zoom meeting with the Eurolinks (May 2nd 2020)

2. At the Frontiers

3. Preparation of a youth camp for young CLCers in 2021

4. Call for donations

5. International Zoom conference about the Synodal way in Germany

6. Eurolinks and Ecclesiastical Assistants meeting in Warsaw – Pentecost 2021

7. A request from Roberto Piani, CLC in Germany

8. Newsletter in September 2020

We wish you all a blessed Saint Ignatius Day! We will be in deep communion with you all on that day!

The Euroteam: Angelika, Kasia, Chris, Jean-Benoît (23/07/2020)

27 July 2020