The "Toolbox" - a Symbol
Presentation of our priority given to formation - Eurolink meeting 2012
  1. CLC General Principles
  2. Relecture File
  3. “It’s not to know much that fills and satisfies the soul, but rather to feel and taste things interiorly” (St Ignatius of Loyola)
  4. CD-ROMN°2 2012 “Toolbox CVX LU”
  5. CVX intern : Folder “DESE“ and Folder “Simple Way of Life”
  6. DVD “35 years CVX LU”
  7. Big pencil for sharing testimonies
  8. Sow ... and draw water from the source
  9. “You are the light of the world” Mt 5,14
  10. Coordinato r: Listening, bringing together, ... Ignatian songs, proposals from EqFo (Formation team) to have a common way to grow during Lent, Advent ...

Each coordinator is invited to expand its toolbox over the years by other practical assistance gleaned here and there in Ignatian retreats, CLC meetings abroad etc, and to transmit these “treasures” to the next group coordinator.

The toolbox shows the priority given to DEVELOPMENT (growth in Ignatian spirituality) that our CLC provides since many years. Together with the national ExCo, strongly supported by the Formation Team (EqFo created in 2006),

1. CLC stimulates, encourages and supports the development of our members:

  • e.g. National Community Weekend “Following Ignatius, to better know, love and follow Jesus Christ” (2010); “Better knowing Christ at the crossroads of the Gospels” (2011)
  • by providing the opportunity to experience “CLC methods” and give the taste to use educational tools in order to grow in the CLC way of life.
    Thus, all national meetings and coordinator councils use the “CLC way" for e.g. prayer times at the beginning of a meeting (Ignatian contemplation of a Bible text , meditation from a picture), initial input followed by personal reflection about the own experience, sharing 3 turns in small groups, guided relecture in the middle of the day, thanksgiving expressed by all participants after the holy communion at the end of the day ...
  • to live Ignatian retreats
  • to attend to the “Werkmappentag” (“Toolbox Day”) in Luxembourg by Ingeborg Keller, CLC Germany

2. CLC meets the needs of the local church:

  • by participating at the annual pilgrimage to Our Lady of Luxembourg: Holy mass prepared by the CLC makes visible different aspects of Ignatian spirituality (e.g. through welcome words, homily, universal prayers ...)
  • by organizing the conference „The relevance of Ignatius of Loyola for our time“ (2011)
  • by participating at the Ignatian prayer evenings, in collaboration with the Jesuit community and other members of the Ignatian family (since 2009)
  • by organizing CLC information evenings (2010)
  • by organizing spiritual exercises in everyday life (3 or 4 weeks in 2009)
  • by organizing from time to time spiritual proposals in the diocese pastoral communities:
    Since 2011, in order to raise awareness of CLC in Luxembourg and to help Christians develop their living faith, the Formation Team set up a series of 3 evenings in different pastoral communities in Luxembourg. Using the theme “Walking the paths of life. A spiritual guide for today”, participants were invited to examine their time management, their attitude to work, and how they took decisions. These evenings provided times of silent personal reflection, alternating with times for small group discussion and prayers. For many participants, these evenings were an opportunity to learn to share their experiences and to listen attentively to others and be inspired by them. The variety of methods employed helped participants talk more freely and discuss in greater depth, in a more confidential environment than normal parish life could allow them. Several participants appreciated in particular the community feel during the 3 evenings.
    We hope that this sharing of Ignatian spirituality has in its modest way given people an introduction to interiority and the true meaning of life in Jesus Christ.
1 December 2012
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